Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week#1 - acquaintance jigsaw

   Ever since I started teaching at school, my biggest concern has been "What am I going to do for my first class???". It should be an ice-breaking activity, but it's really hard to break the ice among new people!!! I've tried a group activity, a whole class activity, and puzzles. I guess, one year, I even skipped the warm-up activity and just started a class with textbook. I hate the awkward atmosphere made if things doesn't go well.
   However, from the acquaintance jigsaw activity, I surely got the idea for my first class. It's such a great way to get to know everyone within a limited time. I can directly interview every classmates with a list of questions, but in that case, I cannot get into deeper questions because of short time. But a jigsaw model helps you manage your time well and get extensive information.
  Most of the questions on the sheet look okay for my students, and maybe I can add a few more questions about their interest, such as the celebrities they like most and subjects they are interested in. I can also use the jigsaw pattern in any kind of group activity when students need to share ideas or tell a story.